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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 31, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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committee. it was not -- i took steroids. it wasn't illegally. >> on tape. >> i never -- >> [ overtalk ] >> sean: the news continues. greta is taking over. take it away. ♪ ♪ >> greta: this is a fox news alert. hurricane earl is slamming puerto rico. now a powerful and dangerous category four hurricane. earl is headed toward florida. if earl stays on course, it could continue north and hit new york long island and the northeast on friday. right now, the united states national hurricane center says it's too early to determine what earl will do. stay with fox news for the latest. island vacation is over. president obama is back from martha's vineyard and the first order of business is firing over republican over the small business jobs bill, blaming them for not giving relief to small businesses. >> unfortunately the bill has been languishing in the senate for months.
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held up by a minority that won't allow it to go to a vote. it makes no sense. the bill is fully paid for. it won't add to the deficit. no reason to block it besides pure partisan politics. simply put, holding the bill hostage is detrimental to our economic growth. so i ask the senate republicans to drop the blockade. >> greta: marco rubio, republican nominee from the senate in florida joins us and gave this week's republican address. good evening. >> thank you for having me. >> greta: i'm a little bit appalled. too early to give you hell? you haven't had the general election to see if you'll be here as a member of the senate. but i'm appalled that the president has had a nice long vacation and members of the senated with a nice long vacation are acting scandalized that nothing is being done when they have been off having their time off.
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do you share my view? >> i think more should have been done with regards to things to get the economy going. there is a hisserly of a vibrant economy led by entrepreneurs, everyday people expanding businesser or starting new business and it's not happening because of the policies by washington creates uncertainty about the future. what does the healthcare mean for the bottom line? the policy from washington or the rhetoric coming from washington is creating an environment of uncertainty discouraging the job creators from starting or expanding economisting businesses? >> i don't disagree. i don't know what should be done on the items you list. if everybody leaves town and takes two or three weeks off, the small business language is appalling. if you run a small business
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and your business is doing poorly, you don't take vacation. the united states economy is doing poorly. they all slipped town and now they come back and are complain about each other and not making a movement other than to criticize. hard to understand the gal of everybody now being horrified. >> if resources are scheduled by the majority. i can tell you that some of the things problematic in the past is they prioritize the wrong thing. instead of starting with the tax code or probusiness environment on tax and investment side they started with a talk about the healthcare bill. they tried to do a climate change bill in the middle of the oil spill. priorities are wrong, as well. complete misunderstanding of what it takes to grow the economy. >> greta: you talk about the priorities being wrong. it may be.
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and looking back at what has happened since the administration came in, but the thing that nobody is looking at -- i'm harping on the vacation, but there has been zero effort for the last month to sit down and talk. nothing. hard to think now they're upset. terrible. care about the american people. er the whabl the small businesses have done as they come back from vacation. this is the wrong message to say everybody in washington takes a vacation while everybody else languishes. >> your frustration is clear. if you look at the economy, it was a terrible week for the economy last week. and leading indicators are headed in the wrong direction. frustration is understandable. there is no clear agenda or roadmap of what washington will do from a small perspective to create an environment where businesses have confidence about growing in the future.
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you can't point to a thing that will happen from now until the end of the year encourage small or big businesses for that matter and economic growth in america. >> greta: the president said today between now and mid-term elections he will announce more plan to promote short-term growth and long-term economic competitiveness. why don't you do it now snr last week or the week before? why are we waiting for a plan? no big secret about the state of the economy. even the "new york times" hammered him this weekend. >> the problem with the ideas are simple. the administration and leaders of the congress believes it takes government to grow business and the economy. fact of the matter is the job of government is to create an environment, where everyday people from all walks of life can start a business or expand existing business. that is not happening because no one knows what the tax code will be. businesses can't add up the new employees because of the
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healthcare bill and rule-makings yet to happen. but they know it will increase the premium or discourage them from providing healthcare from employees. uncertainty about regulatory framework. are they doing cap and trade through environmental protection agency? card check? this adds up and then they say look, we don't know what the rules will be, uncertainty about the future. we'll hold on to the money or investment somewhere else. that is bad for america's future. >> greta: thank you, sir. hope to have you on now and election to see how you're doing. is a second stimulus coming our way? sounds like it. close economic advisor to obama may have let the cat out of the bag. laura tyson, sitting on the economic recovery board wants it. published an op-ed entitled "why we need a second stimulus." and writes the case for additional government spending and tax relief is compelling and the federal
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government should pledge generous increase for unemployment benefit in aid to state governments through 2011. who else is for a second stimulus? pennsylvania governor ed rendell joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. i'm not sure i'd use word "stimulus" but i am for short-term investment for the economy. i want to correct mr. rubio. he said first of all, that small business doesn't know what to make of things. the small business -- i agree with you, by the way. i think under the current circumstanceses we shouldn't have take an vacation. having said that, you must understand that the small business bill creates $30 billion of credit for small businesses. something they desperately need. every small business told us that. it eliminates capital gains tax for small business. all sort of tax cut. fully paid for. for 3-1/2 months the president and the democrats in the congress have been pushing that. the minority in the senate
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because of the clo sure rule stop it from coming into law. we need it. it should be job one. >> greta: let me stop you there. your party runs washington now. for three-and-a-half months -- it's not true. because for three weeks everyone is on vacation. they've not been pushing it. taking bicycle rides and playing golf and doing everything else in the country. >> i understand that. >> greta: it sends a rotten message to america. it's okay for everyone else while the people languish. >> i agree with you on the vacations. i agree. let me finish. the reason we can't move is the republican minority in the senate refuses to allow it to go through. if it went for a vote it would pass immediately. >> greta: when you have real leadership you persuade your opponents. you get your opponents to move over. you don't draw a line in the sand. >> well, it happened. >> greta: wait.
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i let you talk. >> but i'm the guest. >> greta: we put leads. >> i'm the guest. you're on after -- >> >> manners to you. but real leadership can persuade the other side. can talk to the other side. the first thing the president did when he came back today is hit the rose garden and assaulted republicans. that's really stupid. that is a lousy way to lead. that is the first thing he did. is that how he wants to bring the sides together? he's not campaigning anymore. he's supposed to lead everybody and hopefully he's supposed to see how to reach across the aisle. i'm not so -- i'm not sympathetic to either party, but less sympathetic to the democrats who right now own washington and a higher responsibility to figure it out. [brief technical difficulty] [brief pause in captioning] .
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>> greta: isn't it appalling -- >> i agree with you. i agree with you. i agree with you. >> greta: so far -- >> but the atmosphere -- it's the atmosphere in washington. if two republicans said we'll vote for clo sure on the small business bill, they would have come back off vacation as they did for firemen, policeman and teachers and they would have come back -- >> greta: maybe if there had been leadership -- i'm saying
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here. >> i am not arguing with you. i think the country has to get the act together. this economy is challenged. if we don't do something together and everybody compromises and taking a little bit of everybody else's ideas, if we don't go do it soon -- i don't think it's nine weeks before the election but if we don't do it immediately after the election and january, we won't recover as quickly as we can. it's emperative we put this aside and imperative we do it. you are right about the vacations. they came back once. if two republicans said -- >> greta: i have to go. getting the word. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> greta: small businesses, everyone is talking about them. who is talking with them? well, we are. grif on the ground in seconds brings you the inside story on small businesses in america today. [ male announcer ] like summe it's here, but not foreer.
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>> greta: president obama is pushing for small business jobs bill, but what do small businesses need to survive now? in a new series, you'll hear from main street. small business owners like many of you, griff jenkins is crisscrossing the country starting in washington, d.c. >> reporter: vice president biden came to this pizza restaurant last week with small business owners to discuss the challenges they face, like slow growth, lack of access to credit.
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difficulty in hiring new employees. while here, he argued against extending tax cuts under the bush administration, which are set to expire at the end of this year. something that small business owners are worried about. >> one single solitaire penny from extending that. >> reporter: we decided to take you on the road. following in the footsteps of the places where the administration had been to tout their policies so you can hear directly from small business owners. some doing well. some doing not so well about their struggles, successes and concerns. according to a survey from the national small business association. 41% say they cannot getted a vate funding. 21% say they have had to cut jobs. 73% cite the number one
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challenge facing their business, uncertainty of the economy. we begin here tonight at pete's new haven pizza to talk to the owner inside. the president vice supports a bill that democrats say republicans are blocking, that they hope to come back in september after the recess to specific a bill toward the small businesses that loosen up credit with particularly small banks, community banks. is that something that you support? >> it is. yes, it is. it is. i would have loved to have that when i was getting started. as we move forward and grow i probably do not need that. that initial, that support at this point in our journey. but in the beginning it would have been nice. >> after going through the struggle you did, five years to get the place moving, as you can see it is now, is there something you'd recommend that the administration or politicians should be doing to help guys like you? what does a small business
1:17 am
owner joel need? >> i think everybody would benefit if it wasn't difficult to get the initial loan. i was told no by 19 banks before i hit the 20th bank. finally, i had educated myself, put myself in a position whereby the time i hit bank number 20 i got approved for a loan. it wasn't easy. it didn't end there. >> reporter: not all small businessmen in the washington, d.c. area agree with the vice president. the owner of this lumber company says he has been struggled for three years but hopes next year the business will pick up. however, he is concerned that that success may put him in a higher tax bracket. the administration is against extending tax cuts for the wealthiest americans under the bush administration set to expire at the end of the year. you disagree. why? >> the economy is still in recession. construction industry is still hurting severely. our business is half the size it was in 2005.
1:18 am
we are trying to get to break-even. the we get to profitability, i could be put back in 39.6% bracket. i makes no sense me taking more money from small businesses trying to create jobs in this country. i won't have as much to invest in forklift or serve eor software. we are already paying 35% if we make money. this year i won't make money. i had a large company go into chapter 7 in june. i am struggling to survive. when i do make money why hit us at a higher tax bracket. c-corp pays 35%. top 0 for "s" corporations is 35%. a small businessman who struggles to make a $400,000 profit and ends up paying 35-40% for the federal government won't have as much to invest in trust and forklift for business to hire more people. >> reporter: you are saying that tort lumber, the family owned business could
1:19 am
potentially pay higher tax rate than intel or g. sneshz>> -- g.e.? >> absolutely. we're taxed through the personal tax return. we may have a good year and make half a million dollars. 35% goes to tax. and some goes to virginia and we invest in the business. that creates jobs. i'm not buying boats. i don't have a second house. i put the money back in business. the only reason i'm still in business is the hundreds of thousands of dollars we lost in the past two or three years. we saved it for future growth, other locations. now it's helping us to survive. we don't need to be hit in the recession with a tax increase. you can say it's expiration of the tax cut. tax increase. >> greta: i wonder if he had a vacation. tune in this week for more of the back to business series. coming up, air in alaska is tense. sarah palin's favorite candidate miller and
1:20 am
murkowski battling for the nomination. but tonight joe miller takes accusations against murkowski. what is the accusation? find out from joe
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>> sean: six days since election day in action.
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>> greta: alaska is on pins and needles not knowing who is the republican nominee for the senate. is it sarah palin-backed joe miller or sitting senator lisa murkowski? it's still neck and neck. state officials are starting to count the 23,000 absentee and provisional ballots. joining us joe miller who is inches ahead of lisa murkowski for the republican nomination. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. thank you for having me. >> greta: thank you for joining us. give me an update in terms of what the numbers are. i assume you're following them closely. >> we are. we have 1700 votes now. there are 20,000 ballots that still must be counted including the absen see as well as the question ballots. that begins tomorrow morning. we have a better idea of where we stand by close of business tomorrow. >> greta: a lawyer for your campaign filed a complaint against the murkowski, senator murkowski campaign or against her.
1:24 am
is that correct? or am i saying it incorrectly? >> well, there were a couple of complaints made concerning observers that are apparently working for the other campaign. i think the election is taking response to the complaints. >> greta: vote tampering? that is the way it's portrayed in the "anchorage daily news." calling at it a vote tampering accusation. >> we're competent that the division of elections will come up with a certified and accurate count at the end of the day. the things that have gone non-the campaign or the election count reflects attempts to perhaps skew results. at the end of the day, we believe the division of elections will have a certified count that reflects the will of the alaskan peel. >> greta: it's interesting when we talk about the will of the alaskan people. one of you has to win and one has to lose. senator murkowski, chatter she would run as libertarian. libertarian party of alaska
1:25 am
don't want her to run as labortarian, they reject her. nrsc will go to alaska to assist murkowski in her campaign. at least to me that's unusual because it is picking side between two republicans vying for the nomination. then you have the question is if you don't win do you run as libertarian. can you sort this out for me? >> the libetarian party voted unanimously in the last day not to permit a third party bid by murkowski. frankly, we really didn't have much concern about that. a number of libertarians are supportive of our candidacy. with respect to whether or not we've run, we're committed to the outcome that the division of elections will certify properly. that's what the senator also stated about a week-and-a-half ago at the forum. and we're convinced this will
1:26 am
proceed with joe miller against scott mcadams in the general race. we intend to revail in the general election in november as well. >> greta: in the event you're the candidate for the general election, what is the story for social security and medicare? are you forit or against it? >> this question has been asked by a number of outlets. the response has been provided by the media doesn't reflect where we stand. my points receive medicare and they work on the campaign. this government could control the fiscal insolvency on us all to ensureta that the commitment -- ensure the commitments we made for those dependent on social security is maintained. if we don't get a grip on the fiscal situation of the country we could break the contract we have with our seniors. it's irresponsibility. the leadership in d.c. to ignore the crisis coming upon us. not the fiscal crisis, but
1:27 am
the one bearing down on social security. if you look at for example the inlays coming to social security as of april, they're outstripped by the payments. the first time in a while it's happened. projected to continue for several years. if we don't get a grip on that now. if we don't come up with solutions, whether it's privatization, personalization or another solution, which frankly that would be a transferred power to the states. that's what the constitutional basis of our platform has been, we need to get back to transferring many to the state. that's what the tenth amendment provides. >> greta: sir, i hope you join us as we march toward -- you or senator murkowski. we reached out the senator murkowski for interview and she is also welcome anytime. mr. miller, thank you. we'll watch the vote, beginning, the counting tomorrow. thank you, sir. coming up, governor brewer slamming secretary of state hillary clinton, calling the
1:28 am
state department behavior down right offensive. now what is that all about? governor brewer is here and she will tell you herself. later, iranian state media calling a famous woman across the world a prostitute.
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. newsreg >> there is news breaking in mexico. lebarbie has been captured by mexican authorities. his real name is edgar valdez, is an american, thought to be responsible for the most vicious executions in mexico. a body found hanging from a tree had a note referring to him, saying this will happen to everyone who helps the traitor edgar vald eds, left by a rival cartel. he is 37, an american born in texas. he was a top lieutenant of mexico's most wanted men and
1:32 am
broke off to form a different cartel. he was indict in the united states for distributing thousands of kilos in the united states between 2004 and 2006. stay with fox newschannel for the latest. n letter to secretar state clinton over a human rights report prepared by the state department for the united nations. in the report, the state department presents examples of how american law can be example to to the world. outlines ways the federal government is protecting human rights using the department of justice's lawsuit against sb-1070 as an example of the government protecting human rights. as you know, some of the countries in ton human rights council are cuba and libya. arizona's governor jan brewer joins us. good evening. this letter that i have a cop py of that you wrote secretary of state hillary clinton dated august 27, let me read you five or six words. simply put it's downright offensive.
1:33 am
those are your words. what is downright offensive? >> well, absolutely nationalism gone amok. we are really offended, greta, that the obama administration, secretary clinton would take a dually enacted law senate bill 1070 and present it to the united nations. i believe they owe us an apology and certainly want them to remove it from their report. >> greta: you go on in the letter to cap them hypocrites, stating they are hypocrites because the federal government did not bother to secure the border which contributes to the human trafficking. is that -- go ahead. >> well, absolutely. the federal government would do their job secure our borders, we talk about human rights, we have, you know,
1:34 am
thousands of illegal aliens coming across our border and suffering under inhumane conditions due to the drug cartel and due to the heat. you know, dying. out in the middle of the desert. doesn't have anything to do with senate bill 1070. . >> greta: do you expect secretary of state clinton will be responding to your letter? >> i think she will be. i have had a difficult time with the obama administration. this is becoming over the top. i would have expected at least again from them that they would have notified us before we found out on the internet that they were doing this. it's just unbelievable how they operate. >> greta: it's rather stunning how little communication there is among the political leaders, whether it's in washington, republicans or democrats or the administration to governor about the problems.
1:35 am
no proproblem is solved. it's rather like they go to war. >> it's unbelievable how the federal government has treated arizona. it's just down right wrong. and, you know, we just are trying to take care of our people here and get the borders secured. and address the issue of the drug cartels that are coming across our border, lickety-split. and this is what we get in return, you know. we heard that the government was going to sue us. when she was in equador. now we find out that they going to turn us over to the human rights council on senate bill 1070. and let countries like libya and cuba decide if we're doing right or wrong. it's outrageous and
1:36 am
offensive. very, very to offensive. >> greta: what do you mean by the last paragraph that sounds like you're threatening the federal government. if you choose not to -- if you choose not to remove sb-1070 from the report to. as an example of human rights violation, the state of arizona will monitor proceedings and assert any rights it has in the process. says be assured that the state of arizona will fight any attempt by the united states department of state and the united nations to interview with the dually enacted laws of the state of arizona in accordance with the united states constitution. those sound like fighting words. what are you telling her? >> well, i'm talking to my counc council. we're not going to sit here and take it from the federal government. we're going to do whatever is necessary to keep our sovereignty. you know, how do you explain to these people that are doing these things that they are overstepping, overreaching, it's outrageous, it's very
1:37 am
offensive. it's wrong! arizona has the right to enact laws we see fit. we have sovereignty in the state of arizona. to refer us to a council of their making at the united nations, to have those people determine to lay us out and have libya and cuba determine what we are doing is wrong. we will take whatever measures we can do illegally and otherwise. i'm going to fight back. i can hardly get my words out, greta. it's so wrong i'm breathless. >> letter is dated august 27. give us a call if the secretary of state responds. we'll follow this. one of the member of cartel
1:38 am
in mexico was picked up so that should be a little comfort tonight. thank you. >> exactly. thank you, greta. >> greta: next up on "on the record" there is a battle going on in arizona, but this isn't over immigration. it's for a seat in congress. head-to-head. tonight you meet the opponent. later, someone seeing senator grassly's tweet. not someone in washington, d.c. d.c. not a politician. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifing into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. the car hit the brakes faster than i could. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. my car did. thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can tru. the e-class. the best or nothing. that is what drives us.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a developing story in the caribbean where hurricane earl is churning toward the u.s. the category 4 storm could hit north carolina by thursday and possibly swipe new england over the labor day weekend. on monday, earl slammed puerto rico and the british virgin islands with 135-mile-per-hour winds and torrential rains. at this hour, all ship ports in the u.s. virgin islands are remained close. and air travel has also been cancelled. roadway bombs killing seven american troops in afghanistan on monday. a humvee hit a roadway bomb on the outskirts of kandahar. 14 americans have been killed in the last 3 days. nato officials have warned that casualties will mount as forces
1:43 am
leave the qlair. we return to "on the record" with greta. arizona. this time it's not about immigration. knockdown drag-out fight over congressional seat. last week, ben quayle joined us on the record. now the democratic challenger hulburd joins us. democrat running for house of representatives. good evening. >> good evening. >> greta: looking at the platform and correct me if i'm wrong but you are in favor of continuing the bush income tax cut until 2012, you want tax rate for dividend and abolish the state tax, lower corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%. among other things. that sounds like the republican platform. are you running as a republican or a democrat, sir? >> i'm a democrat. >> greta: so explain this. >> what i would tell you is i have been saying this before
1:44 am
i got in the race, but i have been in the race for the last year. this is part of a jobs program in state of arizona. simple and basic way to address the 300,000 jobs evaporated from the arizona desert in the last two years. i absolutely think that the market needs certainty. at every step of the way. big business and small business. these are common sense ideas. everything you listed is what i said all year long. i believe that there is a plenty of people not just republicans that believe this. independents and democrats as well. >> in terms of market certainty, one of the things i hear from the small business people. we sent griff jenkins out on the show to talk to small businesses. they want to know which way the wind is blowing. they need the government to make certain decisions. i don't mean to harp on something. i don't know if you saw the top of the show. but it bothers me that people
1:45 am
in washington went to vacation. some are running for re-election. i get. this but the vacation thing put off decisions for two or three weeks. what is your thought on the congress and the president taking vacation when we have an economic crisis with this much uncertainty? >> i think it's just another sign of federal indifference. this happened with both parties for a while. we're trying to figure out what taxes will be like next year. no one knows. they don't have any idea. it's reflected in the dow numbers lately, but again, corporate america is holding on to piles of money. trying to figure out what they are supposed to do with it. they realize dividends will be worth less next year. trying to figure out how they will invest the money in future of the country. small business owners accept. i did see some of the segment in the front as i came in the studio. i agree with everything they
1:46 am
said. i'm a former small business owner. if i were in the position right now as an s-corp, i get what one of your people said. i wouldn't know if i was going to invest or not because i don't know what my rate is next year. >> greta: what is it, why a tin ear in washington? not just to stay and work and stay and work together and try to figure something out? i realize you can't be blamed. you haven't gotten here yet. what is their problem they don't get it? i travel america and i don't see it. it was the last thing i would have done running for office is take a vacation in the last two weeks. >> it's part of the gridlock thing. we talk about taxes but let's talk about the border. your last guest, my governor, has also been out in the front of the issue. what i'd tell you is arizona has felt this gridlock. from both parties. apox on both the houses in
1:47 am
this sense. we have not had federal help for two decades out here on the border. it's starting now, thank goodness. it's about time. it's way past due. yeah, i think the same goes with the tax issue i'm talking about. >> greta: well, we'll be watchping your election. it has all of our eyes on it. i hope you will come back, sir. thank you for joining us. >> great to be on. thank you. >> coming up, why is the state media going after a famous first lady and calling her a
1:48 am
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. glenn beck hosted a massive rally in washington, d.c. this season. he told o'reilly what he was trying to teach at the rally. >> to teach correct principles that all rights come from god. >> then you get into theocratic state. >> no no, no. >> there are people who don't believe in god. >> that's to okay. you can live by the golden rule and ten commandms. >> they don't want to. they don't want to live by that. they want to get stoned every day. >> read the second inaugural address.
1:52 am
this is imcompatible with anything else but judea christian values. >> greta: not everyone was warm on the beck rally. al sharpton held a rally this weekend as well discusses why he disagrees with glenn beck. >> was there anything wrong with what beck did? >> not what he did. what he said, what he said what he was going to do is not what he did. >> what he did, the rally he did -- >> first, no one questioned him having a rally. we did not challenge hitz permit. >> no, no, no. but did he do anything wrong on saturday? >> i said what he did is not what he said. what he did, no. he was the one who said he would reclaim the civil rights movement going to be done. he said i'm going to reclaim the civil rights movement. >> for everybody. >> greta: tune in to "o'reilly factor" after our show to watch the rest of the conversation. senator grassly technological skills are landing him in hot
1:53 am
water at home. senator grassly's wife is not a big fan of his use of twitter. she tells the "iowa gazette" she does not text and definitely does not tweet. she said she had to lay down twitter ground rules like no tweeting in church. senator grassly has 20,000 followers and he sweets often about politics, policy and has gone after president obama on twitter. he once tweeted about accidentally setting his own pants on fire. if you want to follow him, iranian state media viciously insults france's first lady calling her a prostitute. carla sarkozy is publicly condoning the condemning of a woman. iranian state controlled newspaper responded with article entitled french prostitute enters the human rights uproar. called her a morally corrupt
1:54 am
singer and actress and prostitute. protests have taken place across the world criticizing the stoning sentence. the world's fum one doubles player -- world's number one doubles players. they are twins that are steaming up the tennis court at the u.s. open. brian brothers. we caught up with them at the open earlier today. if i played on the court, my sister would be bossing me around all the time. >> we're still brothers. when you lose -- lose two professionals would get on different planes to go to the family but we're sitting in row 2a and 2b to fight for elbow room. i've seen the bad side of him. i'll give it to him straight. not holding our tongue. >> greta: but you hardly -- we talked off-camera, you don't know what it's like to lose. so little experience at it. >> as a professional you play every week. i mean, on our best year we won 11 titles and we still
1:55 am
play 20 a year. so we'll have our losses. you know, doubles is a fine line. you get broken serve once and you can lose a match. we lose. we hate to lose. let him hear about it and he lets me hear about it. >> it's all about how you deal with losses. my dad is so great. he sends us an e-mail 30 seconds after we lose. lists everybody we've every done in our career. we read it over and feel like oh, we're not so bad. >> greta: catch the rest of our interview with the bryan brothers wednesday night. still ahead, uh-oh. is jimmy falling in trouble at work? are his bosses mad at him if you suffer from heartburn two or more days a week,
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call, jimmy fallon hofts the emmies and takes a dig at the boss. >> asking host the late night to come to los angeles to host a different show what. could possibly go wrong? too soon? >> we won't like to be in his office the day after that one, but that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're


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